Sunday, January 27, 2008


Raquel was at the gym in her usual Thursday night spin class. She was warming up on her bike when a fine looking manweight slid into the row in front of her and conveniently mounted the bike right in front of her. Raquel would have a perfect view of his muscular ass for the whole 45 minutes. The room was dark and hot and so was he. She wasn’t sure what his face looked like, but if it was anywhere as good as his ass she’d be fine with it. She stretched extra long because he did, made sure to bump into him when he was leaving, and made extra sure to smile big when she did. He was at the class the following Thursday too. Raquel followed the manweight around the weight room, looking as cute as she could while covered in sweat from spin. She wore the very tight black spandex she had donned to excentuate her perky breasts. It wasn’t until the 4th week in a row that their first true encounter occurred. They were both standing by the free weights in between sets and began to talk about weights. (All Raquel was thinking about was his manweight…but anyways). They walked over to the water fountain together which happened to be directly next to the spin room where she’d first seen his ass. The room was still expelling heat from their class, the mirrors still fogged from the moisture in the room. As Raquel looked into the spin room, she noticed her sweater was still hanging off of the handlebars of the bike she’d just been on. She ran into the room to grab it and when she turned around to run out, he was right behind her. He grabbed her waist and pressed her back against the bike, kissing her hard and passionately. She went right for what she had been staring at for the 180 minutes of spin class, his hard ass. What weight! Who cares about sweat when you have that kind of heat with another person…they exchanged numbers and are still dating!
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Aspiring Zoologist
Hometown: Canastota, NY
Interests: Surfing, Snowboarding, Golfing, Canoeing, Tom Foolery, Greater Apes
Favorite place to meet women: On a Train
Favorite Bars: Zum Schneider, Cool Cats (HI)
If you have an hour to kill on a Sunday, what do you do: I'm a guy... what do you think?
Boxers or Briefs: Boxer-Briefs

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Lucy was at an anniversary party for an edgy urban magazine and was hoping that she’d find some edgy urban manweight…She spotted a manweight from across the room almost immediately. He was well dressed and had a cute smile. Lucy tried many times to get his attention from afar and was also scheming to get drinks from the bar at the same time as him. Finally, after about an hour of courting him with her eyes, Lucy found an opportunity to corner him (more like trap him) in a small area where he’d have to at least say “excuse me” to get by her. After that small amount of stalking, they started small talking and eventually exchanged numbers. He just so happened to work at a Barney’s Co-op. Perfect! A bunch of Lucy’s friends loved to shop there. He could totally get them all discounts (hence the name DiscountWeight)! When she actually got his manweight a few weeks later, it was more than amazing. The only problem was that he didn’t seem to be the sharpest tool in the shed. She would definitely keep him as her manweight for the time being, but he would never be BoyfriendWeight. It worked out great, so Lucy got her manweight and her friends got their discount!

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Where are you From: New York City
Where do you Live: Manhattan
What do you do: Secret Agent
Do you have any Hobbies: Saving the world
Where do you go to meet women: International secret agent conventions or hostage situations.
Favorite Bars to drink in: Ones where i get drinks for free
Favorite Restaurant/s: Anything with good sushi on the menu

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Macie was at a cool party at college. Well, it was actually her own birthday party so of course it was cool. A friend of hers was sending an extra special birthday present in the form of a manweight she thought Macie would hit it off with…or at least hit it. He had graduated from her college the year before and had already completed one very successful first year at a hedge fund. Not to mention he had a great body and a totally chill personality. They had spoken a couple of times on the phone and seemed to get along great. Macie bounced around between the 35 or so people who had shown up, checking in with her manweight every now and then. Even when she wasn’t standing next to him talking, she was checking him out from across the room, thinking about how she couldn’t wait to unwrap her manpresent. At the end of the party, it was time for presents! They eagerly unwrapped each other and began hooking up. Macie was pleasantly surprised to find her present had an impressively large package (never judge a gift by the box, ladies). He laid on top of her ready to present his package to her box. He lodged his log inside of her and didn’t move. He was total DeadWeight. Did he know he was inside of her? Why was he just laying there? He barley budged, besides a tiny in-out that did absolutely nothing. What a waste of weight! Here this guy had money, personality, a body, as well as a huge dick and he had no idea what to do with it! This was a lesson to Macie, and please let it be a lesson to all of you: There is such a thing as bad weight, even if the guy has all of the above said qualities…May weight be with you.


Carolina had just arrived in Rome when she met her VespaWeight. He was a shorter man, but had a physique that led Carolina to believe he could be some good manweight. They met through a mutual friend who helped them mutter through their initial conversation and first few drinks. The more tipsy she got, the more, oh shall we say, confident she became (both physically and verbally). By the time they stumbled off the front step of the bar a few hours later, it had become down right obvious that she wanted his manweight… and maybe even a piece of his manmeat. He was carrying a helmet and something about it turned her on. Maybe it was the way she pictured his manthighs surrounding the seat of his sexy, black vespa? She wanted a ride…on both the vespa and her VespaWeight. How could she get his attention? Hmmm…The helmet! She quickly snatched the helmet from him and slammed it on to her head. Still unfazed (or uninterested, as a sober person may believe), VespaWeight continued to saunter sexily. She began tackling him, pushing him up against the old buildings that lined the narrow streets and tipping him over onto Smart cars wedged between other vespas. Either public safety or maybe this rough housing had actually turned VespaWeight on, so Carolina got her first ride of the night on his vespa and headed back to his house. Once in his apartment, she was ready for a second ride…on him. After eating her out amazingly (with tongue ring and all), he finally laid his weight on her. Mama mia…whatta manweight! She looked past the fact that his underwear looked just like hers and that she wasn’t exactly sure what he was saying…but he just felt so good on top of her. All she could say was “bennisimo…”


Everyone knows that a couple that cuddles together, stays together. And there is nothing better than when you can spoon so organically that you could easily share a twin bed. Adeline knew it was weight at first sight with her new manfriend after the first night they really slept together. The few other times they had spent the night together they had incredible, passionate, hot, crazy sex and passed out. Yes, they had woken up in the mornings and resituated themselves so that their legs intertwined and Adeline’s head was back on his strong pecs… but they had never just gone to sleep. She was very tired and had to get up for work early, so she wanted to be comfortable. She went to assume the cuddle commanding position where her head rested comfortably on that pec and his arm wrapped around her shoulder enabling his hand to rest securely on her waist. But something was just off…Though she usually thoroughly, and I mean thoroughly, enjoyed his rock hard arms, abs and everything else, she wanted something a little more cushy. Adeline grabbed a pillow and lined the semi-circle created by his arm and nestled herself back in, kicking her leg over his. She felt like she was in a cocoon. It was unlike any manweight she’d ever had. Not only was his hot body right there, to keep her warm, but she felt so safe. She was so comfortable that she was asleep in seconds and didn’t wake up until her annoying alarm sounded off at 7:30 am.

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: Financial Analyst, aspiring House Music Producer
Hometown: New York
: Kites, dogs, pub ale, easy livin'
Favorite Bars: McSorley's for happy hour, Sweet Paradise from 4 to 5am and White Horse Tavern
Where do you meet women: on a plane or at the discotheque
If you had an hour to kill on a Sunday, what would you do: It's hard to say; conventional weapons probably wouldn't work on an hour...maybe painkillers?
Boxers or Briefs: Boxer-briefs

Sunday, January 6, 2008


Shauna moved to Hawaii for sun, the fun and of course, surfer buns. She quickly developed a nightlife routine. Tuesday was “the night” to go to Moose McGillycuddy’s on the island of Maui. The great drink specials, music and manweight always made it a special night. One Tuesday in particular she met a manweight that stood out. He kept whispering all sorts of hot, turn-me-on lines in her ear. True or not, Shauna was feeling every word. She tried to turn the increasingly random hook up lines into a conversation, but it turned out, all he could do was turn her on. It wasn’t really going to be an intellectual connection but instead it would be purely sexual, which was totally cool with her. The sex connection became a regular Tuesday thing; they’d meet at the bar, hook up and she’d end up getting manweight at his place. This continued for months; good, solid, consistent weight. One drunken Friday night, Shauna unexpectedly ran into him. He said she should give him a call later and they could get together. After many drunk dials with no answer, she took weight into her own hands and marched right over to his house, where she knew she would end up later anyway. Shauna was so excited when she saw the outline of that man body in the bed they usually shared on Tuesday nights, and she jumped right in. She surprised the manweight who then jumped up out of bed. It was at this point that she got a good look at his face. It wasn’t TuesdayWeight, but his father! Embarrassed beyond belief, Shauna jumped out just as quickly as she had jumped in. Weight must run in the family… (Funny Note: A year later, back on the mainland, Shauna was watching a new reality show on MTV about surfer dudes in Maui and guess who she saw spitting many of the same lines she’d gotten hooked on…TuesdayWeight!)


It was what Alexis and Tori thought would be a regular night. They were having cocktails and catching up on Tori’s most recent manweight experiences, when her cell phone rang. Speak of the Weight; it was this guy she’d been on a couple dates with. He kept hinting that he wanted to come over, but Tori was having fun with her friend. So he pulled out the big guns and said he’d come over and give them both private stripteases. Okay, fine, come over. He showed up totally hammered and began his dance immediately. And oddly enough, it really did, kinda, sorta, turn Tori on. After many a lap dance and thrusting of his pelvis, you know, air humping, everyone was retarded. But that only meant it was time for body shots, and so the sucking and licking commenced. By the time Tori took StripWeight home, he was too drunk to get it up, but he gave her something equally satisfying; a two hour full body massage. He caressed her from head to toe, lathering her entire body with oil and lotion. He used his whole manweight to massage every inch of her. Stroking her up and down, his hands traced every inch of her, his fingers hugging every curve. It was the best night she’d ever spend with that weight. (Just goes to show…it is the manweight that makes the man).


Maria had just moved to NYC after college. She got her new apartment, her new friends and her new life started. She was kinda settled in…not much of her furniture had arrived but of course she did have her bed. Friday night she went to a birthday party a new work friend’s apartment. She met this hot, black buff guy who was an investment banker. It turned out they had actually attended the same college! He was totally into himself, just completely cocky. But that cockiness worked and had Maria thinking about his cocky. Totally intoxicated later that night, they had great sex and said their goodbyes in the early morning. Four days later, Maria was making her bed (no she hadn’t made it in the mean time or changed the sheets) and found all these business cards with some guy’s name on them. Who the hell did she know who worked at Credit Suisse? And how did these cards get in my sheets??? Maria called one of her friends…hoping they could clue her in as to why she was doing business with someone in bed. “Duh, Maria! That guy you brought home last weekend, with whom you had the, and I quote, “amazing manweight” with? “Oh yeah,” thought Maria…”I guess I never did get his name…”

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Profession: Hunter student, bass/vocals in the "dirty dirty", (one manhattan band against an army from Brooklyn)
Interests: the cloisters, comics, british soccer
Favorite Bars: O'halligans, Donell's, McAully Smithstone
Favorite Restaurant: Forlinis and end of the day cupcakes at billy's bakery
Where do you meet women: Magic Johnson theater, the playground
Where can we find you on a Saturday afternoon: Chinatown basement card game
Favorite song/music group: Pretty into xtc, gogol bordello

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


It started as most office holiday parties begin: people mulling about in pairs as if using the buddy system, awkward hellos, happy holidays to people you don’t know, and frequent sips from a glass you hope holds the key to an awesome party. Monica was walking around with her fellow cubemate when they noticed a hot guy they had never seen before. He had brown hair and a shaggy, messy haircut that he constantly tended to, shaking it back away from his blue eyes. He looked utterly sweet and adorable. “Who the fuck is that?”, she said to her cubemate. “I think I’ve seen him in the lobby before”, her cubemate responded. After a few more sips (alright, gulps) from her glass, Monica got up the nerve to go over to him. After all, if they had nothing else to talk about, they could always talk about work. His name was Chris and the two of them hit it off right away. Besides the amazing conversation, he looked like he would be a pretty good piece of manweight. And so it goes, the office party wrapped up around 8:30 pm, a short three hours during which Monica got totally obliterated. Off the new buddies went to an after party at one of their co-workers houses. Upon arrival at the party, Monica went into the back bedroom to take off her coat. Chris came up behind her and tugged on her scarf just enough to make it slip off her neck and drop in a bundle near her feet. “Sorry I was just trying to help you”, Chris said as he knelt down to pick it up. As he stood back up Monica leaned in and they shared an intimate kiss. Chris pulled her in closer. He was so soft…no wait…It wasn’t him but his chest! Monica’s hands curiously felt around his chest. Chris had tits! Not man boobs…Boob boobs. Turns out Chris was actually Christina!!! So much for manweight….I guess it goes to show, you never know what kind of weight you’re going to get at the end of the night.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


There are certain really good places to meet hot manweight… once such place is at the ski slopes. The sport of snowboarding, much like surfing, is known for its good looking sportsmanweight. After a long, extremely exhausting day, Molly decided to get a drink at this cool bar she’d heard about. It was an old brothel in the ski town that had been transformed into a local popular bar. Rumor had it that the madams that used to operate out of that brothel still haunted the women’s bathroom.

Molly wasn’t totally made up and definitely had a hairdo that screamed hat head, but she still looked hot in her hoody and very sexy sweats. After her first brewski (she didn’t usually drink beer but it completed her cool chick look) she spotted an incredibly hot Aussie snowboarder. He had longish hair tucked behind his ears and his small sweater clung just close enough to his hot pecks to turn her head and turn her on! When she got up the nerve and moved down the bar closer to him, she realized just how rugged and sexy he was with his scruffy face and wind burned cheeks. She was mesmerized by his manweight. But of course she was…that much man in front of a girl a couple beers in without ANY solid weight for nearly 9 months. Molly finished her beer and leaned in over to say the boldest thing she’d ever said and had always wanted to say to a guy, “follow me to the bathroom.”

They “did the dirty in the women’s bathroom”. And as she grabbed his manweight, broad shoulders, firm ass (and women using the stall next to them), those madams from years ago definitely cheered them on!


Caroline and her friend were traveling around the south of France when they happened upon a pretty hot piece of manweight. He was an American surfer dude with a laid back attitude and a hot body. The sight of him made Caroline want to lie on her back. They became a traveling threesome, going everywhere together for the next week. Although they were a group of three, the manweight was making it very clear to Caroline he’d rather it just be the two of them. He passed her notes when they were on the train saying how beautiful she was, which although was very sweet, made Caroline begin to think he was more desperate than anything else. On the last night, the threesome got a few bottles of wine and hung out all together drinking in their hotel room. Caroline’s friend passed out early and the now twosome found themselves wine drunk and wine horny. Caroline gave in to his sweetness and they began to hook up. After a couple minutes of making out, the hot surfer flipped Caroline into a 69 position. Totally not into it, she flipped her manweight back around. All of a sudden he stopped. What the hell was going on, Caroline wondered. She was a little confused until she felt a gooey, little, wet spot on the bed…he had already cum! Guess that week of anticipation really got him worked up!

Sunday, December 16, 2007


We’d like to wish you all a merry manweight this ho-liday season. We are out and about at company holiday parties and well, really any old party, collecting more manweight stories and spotting potential ManWeights of the Week.

Please keep sending your stories and nominations for ManWeights!

Let’s start the New Year with a bang ladies…

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Qusaye aka BroWeight

Profession: Financial Analyst
Interests: Fast cars, fast women, wildlife, and renewable energy sources
Favorite Bars: Snitch, Black Bear, King's Head
Favorite Restaurants: Amici II, Il Corallo
Where do you meet women: Staten Island
Favorite place you've ever been: Ayia Napa, Cyprus
Favorite Drink: Heineken and Jager Bombs
Favorite Music: Chevelle, Motorcycle, Benny Benassi